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Group Order - Dengekiya (CLOSED)

Dengeki Thanks Festival | Hakuouki | Uta no Prince-sama | StarrySky

There are other series listed under the otome section over here, so feel free to browse and let me know if you need any help! (There are also items from other sections in Dengekiya that you may be interested to order, however commission might vary depending on its price/weight.)

To contact me, you could either leave a comment here or send me a PM. My feedback page can be found over here.

There will be two rounds of payment for this group order. I only accept PayPal. For both payments, buyers are responsible for the PayPal fees and this will be added to the respective total. Once the total charge has been confirmed, please send the payment under "Purchase (Goods)". Local buyers may request to do bank transfers as an alternative method.

- Payment 1 (Required before the deadline - Sunday, May 6 at 11.59PM GMT+8) - Payment in JPY
1. Price of the item
2. Commission
    - JPY150 for every item under JPY1000
    - JPY325 for every item equal or above JPY1000
    - JPY625 for every item equal or above JPY2500
    - JPY950 for every item equal or above JPY3500
Commission cannot be discounted as this would be used to cover domestic shipping and deputy fees. An extra JPY500 will be charged in addition to the commission for a rush-order.
3. PayPal fee (3.9% + JPY40)

- Payment 2 (Will be requested after receiving and packing the items) - Payment in USD
1. Shipping cost from Japan to me
I will get EMS shipping if there are sufficient orders; otherwise I will get SAL (Registered) which usually take around a week to reach me. The shipping cost will be divided by the number of items and then allocated to the number of items per buyer. Buyers of lighter items will pay lesser while buyers of heavier items will pay slightly more.
2. Shipping cost from me to you
All items are shipped from Singapore via regular air mail; however if you require tracking, I can register the parcel which would add an additional USD$2.20 to your shipping costs. I'll pack the items appropriately so that they are well-protected, but if you prefer a different packing method, please let me know beforehand. I will ship the items within 3 days after receiving Payment 2. Depending on your location, I will give you the estimated arrival time that is provided by the post office. After the parcel is sent out, I will not be responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost items during delivery. Also, no returns/refunds will be accepted after the transaction is completed. Local buyers may request for meet-up.
3. PayPal fee (3.9% + USD$0.50)

1. Please be aware that I can only give shipping estimates as I have never bought any of the items from Dengekiya before; therefore, I am honestly not sure how heavy some of these items might end up to be.
2. When you place your order, please indicate your location so that I can calculate Payment 2 quickly after receiving the items.
3. Try to minimize the changes to your order; as long as Payment 1 has not been made, you may still make changes freely.
4. Orders will only be confirmed when Payment 1 is received; once it is confirmed, there will be no cancellations.
5. Refunds (for both the item price and the commission) will be given only if the item goes out of stock. PayPal fee is not refundable.
6. Please be patient as the items would need some time to reach the deputy before being shipped out to me.
7. Do leave an alternative form of contact (such as email) if you are not able to check LiveJournal often.
8. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

May 7 - Order closed; currently compiling all orders and will place the full order via deputy shortly. Full order placed and paid! Will update again when the items reach the deputy~
May 10 - Received word that the items reached the deputy already - that's really fast! I'm waiting for the international shipping quotes now, so hopefully we'll get our items soon!
May 12 - Paid for EMS shipping so they will arrive next week~
May 16 - Parcel should arrive tomorrow evening - will be sending out Payment 2 invoices once I get everything sorted out! Also, I'll be in Hong Kong next week, so if you make the payment before Sunday, I'll mail out the items before I fly off. If not, I'll be mailing out the items next weekend instead~
May 17 - Items arrived~ Calculating Payment 2 right now - will be PMing you guys shortly!
May 20 - All items paid and shipped out - thank you for participating in the group order! :)

Thank you! :)


Dengeki Girl's Style - Otomate Illustration Selection -- 2000 Yen


Hakuouki Chibi Character Charm -- 735 Yen each
薄桜鬼 チビキャラ新選組お守り 沖田/斎藤/藤堂/原田

Hakuouki Chibi Character Postcard Set (6 designs in a set) -- 525 Yen
薄桜鬼 チビキャラ新選組 新婚編 ポストカードセット

Hakuouki Trading Can Badges (6 designs in a box) -- 1800 Yen
薄桜鬼 トレーディング缶バッジ<BOX>(6個入り)

Uta no Prince-sama

Uta no Prince-sama Clear File -- 368 Yen each


StarrySky Portrait Set (6 designs in a set) -- 1575 Yen

StarrySky Trading Can Badges (13 designs in a box) -- 3900 Yen