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Hijikata: tsukinokrystal
Okita: ilovemiki
Saito: cloudsong2008
Heisuke: darkgal172
Harada: celticfreefall
Kazama: darkgal172
Shinpachi: fitsofrage
Sannan: fitsofrage
Yamazaki: fitsofrage
Chizuru: fitsofrage

I'll be selling the mascots at USD$12 each. There will be two rounds of payment for this group order. I only accept PayPal. For both payments, buyers are responsible for the PayPal fees and this will be added to the respective total. Once the total charge has been confirmed, please send the payment under "Purchase (Goods)". Local buyers may request to do bank transfers as an alternative method.

- Payment 1 (Required before the deadline - Tuesday, May 8 at 11.59PM GMT+8)
1. Price of the item (USD$12 x # of mascots)
2. PayPal fee (3.9% + USD$0.50)

- Payment 2 (Will be requested after receiving the mascots)
1. Shipping cost from me to you
All items are shipped from Singapore via regular air mail; however if you require tracking, I can register the parcel which would add an additional USD$2.20 to your shipping costs. I'll pack the items appropriately so that they are well-protected, but if you prefer a different packing method, please let me know beforehand. I will ship the items within 3 days after receiving Payment 2. Depending on your location, I will give you the estimated arrival time that is provided by the post office. After the parcel is sent out, I will not be responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost items during delivery. Also, no returns/refunds will be accepted after the transaction is completed. Local buyers may request for meet-up.
2. PayPal fee (3.9% + USD$0.50)

As an alternative, you can also choose to make both payments before the deadline. I will give you the shipping cost based on the weight of Karakore mascots (since they come in similar-sized boxes, I believe that their weights should not differ too much).

May 7 - Majority of the payment received, thank you~ Will place the order via deputy tomorrow!
May 8 - Order placed!
May 10 - Just received news from the deputy that the item is on back-order, so it'll take a little more time to process the order. *prays hard*
May 12 - Shopping order is currently being processed (on the deputy side) but when I checked the main site today, the item is back in stock! I believe we should be able to get our items~
May 16 - Just got a reply from the deputy, everything is confirmed so the items should be on the way to them right now! Considering the time it'll take to reach me as well, I think the mascots will only arrive earliest next week when I'm away in Hong Kong... If they do arrive next week, I'll only be able to send them out next weekend when I'm back - sorry about it! ><;;
May 20 - As of today, the mascots hasn't reached the deputy yet - probably tomorrow or the day after I'm guessing (sorry for the delay, I don't have much influence over the choice of domestic shipping). Looks like we're most likely getting it near the end of the month yep!
May 26 - Just reached home from Hong Kong~ The mascots are already on the way from Japan to me, apologies for the wait... I'll PM you guys once I have received them!
Jun 2 - According to the postal tracking, the mascots finally reach Singapore; so they should arrive at my house on Monday/Tuesday! Sorry to keep you guys waiting... ><;;
Jun 6 - Finally received the mascots! Sorry for the long wait, I seriously underestimated the overall delivery time this round... I'll be sending out PMs for Payment 2 shortly!

Thank you! :)